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Facial treatments will be catered to your individual skin type, current condition, and skin goals using PCA Skin Care products.

60 Minute Full Relaxation Facial:           $100

Get under the covers and get zen. Your 60 minute treatment will have you tucked into bed under a weighted blanket and includes a double cleanse under steam, skin analysis, extractions as needed, exfoliation, hydration, and massage to the face, neck, & décolleté.  Will also include a hand and arm massage,  and will include some of the following as needed and as time allows: scalp massage, cooling globes, high frequency, & facial cups.  Great for relaxing the whole body while addressing breakouts, hydration, evening tone/texture and general maintenance.  Emphasis can be made on specific concerns.

One leaves feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

30 Minute Facial:                                   $65

A refreshing express treatment.  Skin is renewed with a double cleanse under steam, skin analysis, light extractions, exfoliating or hydrating mask, light massage and application of finishing serums and moisturizers.

45 Minute Facial:                                   $75

Same as 30 minute facial with a restorative facial massage and more time for other areas.

75 Minute Facial:                                   $110

Same as Full Relaxation Facial with extra time added for each step.  Time allows for further extractions, massage, masking or advanced treatment options.

90 Minute Deluxe Facial Treatment:      $130

Same as 75 Minute Facial with extra time added for each step.  Time allows for further extractions, massage, masking or advanced treatment options including foot massage and/or treatment.

Dermaplaning Add-on:                            $30

Add on service to any facial treatment.  A sharp blade is used to remove vellous hair and dead skin cells from the face.  Beneficial to soften fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, texture, etc.  Results in a brighter smoother tone and texture and allowing for better product penetration.

60 Minute Salt Glow:                             $110

Invigorate the skin with this 60 minute treatment for full body exfoliation, hydration and relaxation.  Dry brushing is performed followed by a salt & oil scrub.  Removal with hot towels proceeds a quick, relaxing massage utilizing an antioxidant and hydrating blend to nurture and restore the skin from head to toe.


90 Minute Salt Glow:                            $150

The 60 minutes salt glow built in with extra time for massage.  For those looking to further relax and enjoy their time.

Chemical Peel:                                     $115

Chemical Peels are for clients seeking more dramatic changes in their skin.  These self neutralizing peels are gentle yet very effective in inducing real results.  If you are seeking to correct certain issues such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation; this more clinical treatment is for you.

Proudly offering PCA  Professional Skin Care Treatments


Stunning Results catered to your individual needs.

About PCA Skin 

PCA SKIN peels and professional treatments improve many skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. These challenging skin concerns are improved with the perfected formulas by increasing the skin’s cell turnover rate, bringing new skin cells to the surface, reducing signs of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and clearing breakouts.


PCA SKIN products are free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin and phthalates.  PCA does not test on animals and hand selected ingredients that are uniquely compatible with the skin and body are used to ensure the best results are achieved.

Trusted for over 25 years.

Gorgeous skin without the downtime.

Real results - real you.

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