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My interest in skin started as a child playing in my mother's old make-up and if Dr. Pimple Popper had been around back then, Im sure I would have been enamored.

In 2009, four years after college, I attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute for Esthetics in Seattle, WA.  There I learned to treat various skin conditions, develop the perfect touch for my massage and wax with precision, speed and comfort.  My make-up skills come from years of practice and a friend who taught me all he knew from his countless years in the business.

I have put all this together with my gift of gab (or quiet relaxing music) to offer you skin you'll love.  

      My goal is to make you happy;

      because it makes me happy too.



I'm a Jeeka!  Growing up, my little sister had difficulty pronouncing "Jessica" so it came out "Jeeka."  My mom lovingly used the nickname, eventually friends got a hold of it and it stuck.  You can call me Jeeka, Jessica, Jess, or Jeeks.

      My mom is one of my best friends, I am obsessed with cats, and I am an avid fan of karaoke.


I'd love to get to know you too.

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